Bassoon Repair
I look forward to helping you maintain your bassoon efficiently and at the lowest possible cost. I specialize in Fox and Renard Bassoons and am happy to work on other makes as well.

A complete repad overhaul is an extensive job. All pads and buffers are removed from the keys. The bore is oiled and polished. The finish is cleaned. Tonehole facings are adjusted and sealed. New pads are installed and seated. Ultrasuede buffers are installed. If necessary the boot bracket is removed, cleaned, and resealed with silicone. After the mechanism is adjusted, I play test the instrument in my studio.

The complete service includes removal of all keys, oil and polish of the bore, and cleaning the finish. Defective pads are replaced and reseated. Worn buffers are replaced. The mechanism is adjusted and then I play test the bassoon.

I offer other services that you may require. Ask me!

I would be very happy to diagnose your bassoon's problem(s). I have the leak testing equipment. Don't forget, I'm a player with over 30 years of experience in teaching and working with every sort of bassoon. And I've been working on bassoons at the Fox Factory during the past fourteen summers...I've seen it all!

I love doing this work! But I'm also honest about what I can't do: key making; tenon replacement. If you need a service I can't provide, I will gladly recommend the very best technician to help you.

How much will my service work cost you? Call me. Visit me in my studio or workshop. By the way, I'm located about half a mile from the new World Headquarters of NAPBIRT, of which I am a member. I will spend as much time as necessary advising you. I'll quote the fairest possible prices.

Oboe Repair
Although I've never claimed to be an oboe specialist, I will take care of your basic maintenance needs. With my wife's help I'll diagnose the problem(s) your instrument is having. Then, if we can't take care of it, I will recommend the very best person to do the job.

I look forward to consulting with you about the maintenance of your bassoon and oboe. I'm confident that I can be your best resource for help with your instrument.

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to serve you,

Michael Dicker

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